Minimum Booking Period:

Minimum booking period to rent out a bike is 3 days. If anyone is booking a bike for less than that he has to pay 3 days rental.

Bike Rental Charge:

  • 1. 150CC Rs.1200/- per day
  • 2. 350CC Rs.1500/- per day
  • 3. 500CC Rs.2000/- per day

Security Deposit:

  • 1. 150CC Rs.10000/- per bike
  • 2. 350CC Rs.15000/- per bike
  • 3. 500CC Rs.20000/- per bike
  • Security deposit totally refundable when bike is returned with zero damages, minor damages will be overlooked and after non engine damages.

Booking Amount:

A sum of Rs.5000/- on each bike will be required to be deposited in advance as soon as one finalizes the trip. This amount is non refundable and will act as a security deposit once you collect the vehicle and start your journey after paying the rest security deposit.